Our Oil-Free Screw Compressor Overhaul


Inspection of old stage, stators, bearing, seals, gears and other consumables including tear down of complete stage/disassembly rotors.


A run-out check of male and female rotors, any dents on rotors and pressure testing of stator assembly to observe any leakage in air chamber or water/oil cooling jackets. Timing gear inspection and backlash check.


Dismantling report to be sent to client.


Removal of old Teflon/epoxy coating on rotor and stator by grit blasting followed by chemical cleaning of the rotor, stator and cooling jackets. New Teflon coating operates with an efficiency of 85-95%.


Dynamic Balancing of rotors at necessary rpm and getting the balancing tolerance within standard range.


Assembly of unit using new genuine bearing set, seal set and wave springs.


We are available with vendors who can manufacture timing gears, bull gear and pinion with grinding precision as specified by OEM. If gears are required to facilitate the jobs, we are available with same.


Our overhauled elements are been fitted in presence of our representative holding every responsibility for correct procedure of fitment and startup of units and these oil-free screw element comes with warranty term of 2 years or 16,000 operating hours as standard.


Tolerance adjustment and clearance checks after assembly & setting as per standards of screw profiles.